Demonized vs Possession

Many Christians struggle through life, fighting the same old sin patterns and never live in the true freedom Christ provides for us. They do not understand that we can be "oppressed" by the enemy which can wreak havoc on our lives if unchecked.

Deliverance Bookings

To set up a time, please call or email us. After the initial consult, we will send you an in depth questionnaire so we will be more familiar with your situation. If you think there is something off about you, that may be the Holy Spirit speaking to you.  

Can Christians be demonized?

Yes. According to Matthew 10, many Christians are bound to the enemy through habitual sin, generational curses and playing church. Most churches do not address this because it is unpopular and does not fill the pew on Sunday! 

Haunted Houses

Is your family being tormented? Do you see shadows or hear noises in your home? Are you attacked in your sleep through sleep paralysis, nightmares or seducing spirits? Please call us to set up your deliverance today.

What we do

We help counselee's through trauma & grief healing, help identify sin patterns, generational curses and finally, deliverance of demonic strongholds. We do in house, ZOOM, and also offer house blessings/removing demons, family and Satanic ritual abuse healing and pornography addiction counseling. 

Did Jesus talk about demons?

Most Christians are unaware that Jesus talked more about demons and money than anything else in the NT yet the church still remains silent on one. Mark 3:15 tells us that Jesus gives all believers the power to cast out demons. 


To book your deliverance session, email or call us today.

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