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About Doug

Doug relocated to North Carolina in August 2020 from New England where he lives with his amazing wife Paige, stepson Parker, and their furry friends! Doug is an Exercise Physiologist with over 30 years of experience. He owns a personal training/post-rehab company, D.R. Performance Group, a medically-based Fitness Business that bridges the gap between Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Sports Medicine care. 


His spiritual journey began at a young age where he gave his life to Christ at the age of 11 and attended a Biblically-based church in Massachusetts. Although he stood fast in his faith through many obstacles and persecution during his teen years, he struggled with a religious spirit and tried futilely to walk in the flesh to grow his faith. After High School, Doug attended Gordon College, a Christian based college in the North Shore area, just 30 minutes north of Boston. He was blessed with the opportunity to play semi-pro basketball for the faith-based group, Athletes in Action during the summer of 1989, a life-changing event that helped him grow spiritually and increase his hunger for the Lord.


A series of bad decisions and relationships challenged him even further as his life choices brought him down to Florida where he attended South Florida Bible College Seminary and embarked on a 3-year law enforcement career. Although his religious spirit remained, God was slowly sanctifying him to become the man that Paige would need in the future to start their ministry together. Doug began an intense 3-year Biblical training regimen with Paige in 2018 that helped him to understand how to live life through the spirit, allow the Lord to heal his own heart, and fully grasp the direction God was taking him. Doug uses the pain of his past to help those who suffer from spiritual bondage and to help them to understand living out their faith through the Spirit of God.


Along with his fervor to keep people healthy physically, Doug counsels men who struggle with pornography addiction, divorce issues, narcissism, anger issues, and the religious spirit. He teaches discipleship classes throughout the week and can be reached for an appointment at   


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