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About Paige

From Tragedy to Triumph in Christ Jesus

Paige Coffey appeared on the 700 Club in October 2012 to share her remarkable story of tragedy to triumph in Christ.  Here was a woman whose life was shattered through repeated physical and sexual abuse, but who subsequently was transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and now shares her story of restoration with others.

As a child, Paige would dance for hours each afternoon after school in order to escape the pain inside. She traveled with her competition team and enjoyed what sense of normalcy she could considering the dual life she lived at home. Her spiritual journey began at a very young age in the “hellfire and brimstone” teachings of the Southern Baptist Church. She always loved God but found the constant guilt trip of trying to earn God unreachable and a constant need to “get saved” every week. Her abuse struggles only further hurt her understanding of the real Jesus, but all that ended abruptly on the night of June 6th, 2002, when she met the Lord. This unparalleled event changed the course of Paige’s life forever and redirected her purpose and understanding of who God was. Paige’s incredible story of her visit from God helped her heal and gave her a burning desire to fully know the Creator of the Universe and serve Him through helping others.

Paige created “Paige Coffey Ministries” in 2011 as well as a radio show called “Groundbreaking”, on a local radio show which focused on Biblical counseling and on-air dream interpretation. She was led to attend Charlotte Christian College & Theological Seminary in 2011 where she finished as Valedictorian and Summa Cum Laude of her class in 2016.  She then embarked on a career to fully serve the Lord and started a tv program, “The Coffey Shop” in 2018. Today, Paige offers Biblical counseling, deliverance, and inner healing to those hungry for the Gospel. Her sessions offer transformation, not information, as she works on healing from the inside out and not from the outside in.

Paige met Doug in 2018 and they began a deep friendship together that the Lord blossomed into a romance and desire to form a ministry together, something they both have always wanted but did not have the equally yoked partner to do it with. The two married in 2020 and created “Numa Christian Ministries”. Their goal is to turn disciples into warriors, and help the church at large understand the freedom that is available through the Holy Spirit, and how to escape spiritual bondage by defeating the enemy. But most importantly, Paige and Doug want the whole truth of the Gospel message to be shared with the world without compromise.

As a mom of two beautiful children, Paige is passionate about shining the light of God's word on the indoctrination of our youth. But in her spare time, she is on the dance floor in order to birth the dream of owning her own studio. Prior to a health scare in 2018 she taught Dance Fitness and plans to return once the Lord gives her the green light.  Paige believes there is significant importance in the fine balance to keep herself healthy physically as well as spiritually.


WATCH 700 Club Story Here 

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