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Kathy's Corner, written by our very dear sister, Kathy Hendrix, is a weekly devotional inspired by various words or drops in Kathy's spirit by our Lord. We are so grateful to have her gifts and talents at NUMA CHURCH and believe you will feel the same. Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter as her devotionals are posted in them as well. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and allow the Lord to speak to you through this week's edition of Kathy's Corner! Feel free to share with friends and family as links are provided for you to share directly from our page.
According to Kathy, she is one person of many whose lives have been transformed by the Lord Jesus. Her past could be summed up by Romans 6:21, “So  tell me what benefit ensued from doing  those things that you’re now ashamed of?  It left you with nothing but a legacy of shame and death.” (The Passion Translation)  The next verse sums her present, “But now as God’s loving servants, you live in joyous freedom from the power of sin.”  Through a powerful encounter with God, who made it clear to her that she wasn’t living right, her life was changed.  She gave Jesus the lordship that He deserves.  He flooded her with a peace that could only come from Him.  This began their ongoing relationship.  She is now devoted to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—to their truth and to the advancing of their kingdom on earth in whatever way that God provides her opportunities.  She belongs to, loves, and meets with her brothers and sisters at NUMA where she continues to enjoy and benefit from fellowship, love, compassion and their nurture and admonition.



Kathy's Corner is published each week by Kathy Hendrix of NUMA Ministries. You may reach out to Kathy at

Kathy's Corner

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