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The wind of change is finally here! The church is no longer confined to a building. A paradigm shift has come as the Spirit of God is moving mightily in this season. No longer are we allowed to hide behind the institution of Church. The walls have come down! The veil has been pulled back. Christians are waking up and wanting more! They are seeing the emptiness behind the systems, and in droves are running from the big machine.


It is a Greek word transliterated as "pneuma," meaning spirit, wind, or breath, however, to make it a little easier we just say "NUMA" instead. NUMA Christian Ministries was founded in 2020 by Doug Rotondi & Paige Coffey of Mooresville, NC.


Both of their journeys in life have been met with great heartache, but God used each of them to bring healing, perseverance, growth, and a deeper understanding of the Gospel message, and a heart for the lost.  

Their desire is for the Church body to fully grasp what it means to truly be a Christ-follower and to make disciples instead of church members. So many believers today live defeated lives and struggle with the same sin patterns over and over, some for years while wasting the opportunities and gifts that God has placed in each one of us.  

Doug and Paige want to share their stories of redemption while demonstrating how much joy is within a sold-out believer! Their goal is to help and encourage others to realize the power, majesty, and glory of God. Their lives can be lived victoriously through the Spirit of God! 

Spiritual bondage of all types can be overcome and generational burdens can be lifted! Believers of all denominational backgrounds can learn how to defeat the enemy using a biblically-based battle plan rooted in deliverance, fasting, and prayer. Jesus already gave you freedom at the cross; now is the time to implement it!

Doug and Paige offer Biblical counseling, prayer, discipleship classes, weekly services, and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily living using exercise and nutrition.

(Ephesians 6:10-17)

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