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NUMA Ministries offers an alternative to secular counseling. Secular counseling is informative and allows one to connect to their goals and visions, maybe even better their lives- for a while anyway.  This is because secular counseling is done from the outside in. It is only temporary and the root issues are not fully extracted.

NUMA counseling is transformative because we get to the root of the issues from the inside out.

The Lord leads the way for us as His vessels. We have watched miracles take place in the lives of those led to us. Your hopeless situation, addiction, grief, trauma, or past heartbreak is our specialty.

The majority of marital and relational problems are problems that can be solved, no matter how dark, no matter how hopeless. Our couples say that they see a difference after the first session.

We have a vested interest in the lives of those we counsel; we will see you through to your breakthrough no matter where you are in your process.  Since NUMA Counseling is a donation-based service, we suggest a donation of $60 session for our time.


We do not turn away those who need help, but cannot afford it. The Lord knows your heart and will reward you according to your honesty. Either way, we will be here for you!

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When you are ready for your appointment just click the link and enter the passcode 226927 if prompted.

Please send all counseling donations either via our website or to our mailing address.


I truly cannot say enough good things about Doug & Paige and what they have not only done for me personally, but also what amazing things they have done for my marriage! I met Paige a few years back through our love for dance and fitness. I also knew of her love for God, so when things in my marriage took a turn for the worst, I immediately ran to her for help. 

My husband and I were on the brink of divorce. After some one on one sessions with Paige, she encouraged us to meet with her husband Doug, for marriage counseling. Both Doug and Paige have been counseling us for a few months now. They have blessed us with the knowledge of what the real meaing of marriage is through God's eyes. Our marriage has been renewed and we will be forever grateful for Doug and Paige!


Katelyn Q.

At NUMA Ministries I found a true passion for leadin gpeople to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We're in unprecedented times and we have a need to be led through the surrounding deceit to see the truth we have in Jesus. The ministries at NUMA will help guide you as you "test the spirits" as the Lord instructs us to do. These days we have to stay alert and the leaders of NUMA use the guidance of the word of GOD to navigate as we said the seas of life before us.


Micahel P.

If you are in need of a counselor DO NOT look any further. These people have blessed me in such an incredible way through their skills that other counselors just do not have. I have been to so many counselors trying to deal with anxiety and depression. Both Doug and Paige compliment each other in a special way. With the two of them I was able to see why I had these issues in the first place. Then we worked on breaking the hold this stuff had over me.

Thank you Lord for this ministry!!!!


Kelly P

After struggling with pornography for most of my life and not being able to beat it, Doug helped me get to the root of the problem and deal with it at that level. 

I had no idea how to beat this until I met Doug. He has been used mightily by God in my life.


John R.

I meet Paige when I was lost, my emotions were all over the place. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and she knew exactly how to help me. Professional, knowledgeable, and True to her calling. Thank You Paige you were and are a God Send. Thank You so much, love T.


Terri B.

Doug has been an inspiration to my Christianity. Doug was my personal trainer and friend for over 2 years. We spent many hours together training for health reasons. During this time, we spent more hours working on understanding Christ and Christianity. I feel that his influence and now with his wife Paige have created a ministry that can help more of us to find our faith in Christ. Both of Doug and Paige have a warm (down to earth) synergy to be able to open the door of talking about what is most important in our lives here on earth. Anyone who gives this Ministry a chance will not regret it. They truly bring people to understand Christianity.


Tom. H

Paige & Doug have changed my families life, and I will be forever grateful that God placed them in our lives. I met Paige through fitness and dancing. She makes exercising fun. But I learned quickly there was so much more to her. Our story began with a battle with spiritual warfare in our home. Without Paige I would not have gotten through. Although I have always been a Christian, I feel there was a lot I didn’t know or understand. Paige shared her love and knowledge of God. She was instrumental and critical to understanding, casting away evil, and bringing us close to God. But unfortunately my marriage was also in need of some repair. Again Paige picked me up, gave me hope and counseled us. Her husband, Doug began also counseling us. Doug was wonderful and played an important role in helping my husband, as well as us as a couple. I cannot say enough of how much I love, appreciate, and admire these two people. Truly people of God. I pray that their ministry touches many others as we have been blessed.


Tamara M.

I have been counseled by both Paige and Doug. They are excellent counselors in the Kingdom. God truly blessed me with someone who understood my spiritual situations, knew how to guide me through scripture, prayer and biblically sound advice how to back into relationship with the Lord. She REALLY knows her BIBLE! Paige has been diligent and patient with me and though I was a mess, she never judged or belittled me. I can say 100% the Holy Spirit sent her into my life to re-spark that relationship with Christ. I grew up knowing God was real and had many supernatural experiences with Him since I was small. As I grew older I fell out of that relationship (though HE never left ME). Paige did not know me, but came into my office one day and spoke truth to me and gave me a couple prophetic messages that came to pass VERBATIM within a few weeks. Since then, my spiritual life and my thoughts have been changed. Doug has worked with me and my husband and really made us both feel comfortable and welcomed. He seems to have a passionate heart for helping others find healing and peace in Christ. He is very professional and has his confidence the Lord. He gave us useful scriptures and tools to make changes in our lives. Robbie and I appreciated the time he took to work with us.


Stephanie R.

Doug and Paige whole heartedly love the Lord with all their heart and seek Him first in all they say and do... they so, so, so bless my soul... love them both!


Tricia H.

Doug and Paige are dedicated to helping people in need, and lifting up the community through spirituality. They truly care and are devoted to their mission.


Julie E.

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